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My Cancer Scare

Now that I have real answers for everyone, I’ll give you an update on the bummer messages I posted a few weeks ago.  Here’s the not-too-much-detail full story.

Around the end of the school year, I had some pain and found a lump on my body where there should be no lump.  That lead to a series of doctors appointments, tests, and all that jazz.  The final diagnosis was 95% chance of cancer.  The only definite way to know was to operate, remove it and do the tests.  In the meantime I hadn’t felt sick at all and the bloodwork results came back normal, which was a good sign.

That procedure happened last Friday and I’ve been recovering since.  The pathology results are in: I fall in to the 5%.  NOT cancer.  Overall, good news.  I’ll be fully recovered by the time school starts again.  Phew.


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