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New accounts

I’ve got a few new things for you.

First, I’m now using Mojo. It allows you to share iTunes music over the internet. If you have it, or get it, add me. Name is ogrerocks.

Second, I also have a twitter. Again add me if you have one. I’d like to actually get people using this one.

I’d like for facebook,, twitter and digg to all came together and become one somehow.

A few days ago I started using Firefox 3beta4. I spent about an hour after I installed it getting things moved over from Opera. So far it does seem faster than Opera, but I’ve had some issues with it. If the full release of version 3 fixes those problems, I may switch.


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iPod rating

I figured out how to rate songs on the iPod. It’s not very intuitive.

When a sang is playing, you have to hit the button that shows all songs from the album. That screen will have a section at the top for rating songs.

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Amazing article

Here’s an amazing article about a group of Jews being spared during WWII. Simply Amazing.

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Peavey pv6

I’ll be going to Guitar Center today to take a look at the Peavey pv6:

It looks like the cheapest option with the number of mic inputs I’m looking for.

Edit: The Peavey can’t handle mic level on the 1/4″. Scratch that.

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Audio Mixers

I’m looking at getting a simple audio mixer. I’m a huge nerd. Does anyone out there know anything about mixers?

I’m looking for a simple mixer to record at least 4 microphones with 1/4″ connections. Firewire or USB output from the mixer would be nice too. It’s mainly going to be used for recording podcasts and maybe an instruments or two every now and then.

All the mixers I’ve seen don’t look like they can handle mic level input on the 1/4″ connections. All the mixers assume that your mic level inputs are coming from expensive XLR connections, which isn’t my case at all.

If anyone out there knows anything about mixers, or a good audio site to read up on, please let me know.

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iPod keyboard

A little idea just popped into my head. As I’m writing a lesson plan, I realized how much I like the iPod touch keyboard. For one, you don’t have to press the keys, requiring much less movement while typing and reducing carpal tunnel (I hope). Second, its auto-correct is pretty damn good. Good enough that I let it do it’s thing, send it to my laptop and do the final editing there.

The only downfall is that I can’t multitask like I can on the laptop.

Once firmware 2.0 comes out, and a decent blog toll os made, I’ll be making many more poorly spelt and edited posts. The opposite of what I’ve been trying to do.


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Moved out

I’ve moved back home, bummer.

At the end of January, my room flooded again.  This was the third time it happened.  I don’t remeber if I told you when it happened the first two times, but it was back in the late summer, early fall.

Anyway, this time was the worst one yet.  So bad that I moved out.  I can’t live in a carpeted room that keeps flooding.  It smells.

Since then I’ve moved back home to Vernon.  The move made me realize how nice living not at home really is.  I’ll move out again sometime.  I don’t know exactly when, but I do know that this time of year is crazy for me, so it won’t be immediatley (since I’ve been there for a month).  Right now I’m shooting for either the beginning of the summer or the end of this semester.

What’s so bad about living at home?  The commute, the parents, your things always being moved around, the time it takes from your social life, the un-cool factor (especially with the ladies).


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