Car Drives

What happens when you put a USB flash drive into a 1:64 scale car? You get a Car Drive. I started making these almost two years ago and I’m getting pretty good at them. You can order one too. You can specify what kind of car you want and what size drive you want. There are no guarantees for cars or price. I’ll do my best to find what car you want and find a flash drive for cheap. Expect to pay around $40 for a 512MB drive plus shipping and handling if you need it shipped.
These make great gifts for car enthusiasts and computer nerds. If you would like one just contact me.
I currently have these cars in stock: (Pictures just for visual aid, they’re not the actual car and may not be the same color)
’68 AMC Javelin – Gold
’72 AMC Javelin – White with Black stripped hood
’67 Plymouth Belvedere – Dark Green
’69 Dodge Charger – Aqua with Black roof
’69 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Cream with Black hood

Here are pictures of previous cars I’ve made.

Car Drives

’68 Camaro, ’71 Road Runner, ’66 Toronado

Car Drives

a back view of the ’68 Camaro, ’71 Road Runner, ’66 Toronado

Elgin's Taxi

This is the Taxi I made for Elgin.

'70 Mustang Mach 1

’70 Mustang Mach 1

'66 GTO

’66 GTO

'66 GTO

’66 GTO lit up

'66 GTO, '70 Mustang

’66 GTO, ’70 Mustang

'68 Camaro

’68 Camaro that Lisa has

69 Camaro Lit Up

’68 Camaro lit up

Dodge Viper

This is the second car drive made. It’s a Dodge Viper that Jay made. This drive is now in the yellow Camaro.


8 responses to “Car Drives

  1. Jared Denbrook

    Can we buy these at a store if so where becouse i love

  2. Those are 69 Camaros not 68

    You can tell by the intakes behind the doors infront of the rear wheels, a distinct feature of 69 Camaros.

  3. That’s sick! You should sell em on eBay or something.

  4. trick65

    the mustang in the pic is a 69 and the mustang usb drive is a 70

  5. chris 75

    love the mustang .wish i can have one

  6. logan

    If your gonna be working with cars, at least know what years they are. Wow

  7. do you got a camaro 85 on much ..thanks great idea..

  8. Niort

    Do You have the gto 66’s one anymore ?
    And at what price please ?

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