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How do students learn?

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I’m going to be asking some broad, education/life related questions. They’re meant to get you thinking and to stimulate discussion. If you have some thoughts about one of the questions, please respond.

Why is education important?

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Amusing Anecdote

As part of my regular Thursday nights I went up to FLL in Andover. I didn’t get back home until around 9:30pm. On my way home its was raining like woah. It was coming down so fast that I had to do about 35mph on route 84. So, I get back home and go to take off my nice clothes off since I was at John Wallace Middle School.
As I walked toward my closet I notice that the floor was a little squishy. I looked down ay my feet to see water squeezing out the side of my shoes. About half of the carpet in my room was soaking wet. Luckily it was on the opposite side of the room from my computer and everything else that’s plugged in.
With the floor soaking wet, I needed to figure out a way to suck up and dry things out. About a week and a half ago we had shampooed the carpet, so I figured I rent the shampooer again but just use it to suck up the water. We take a trip over to Stop and Shop to find out that the rental thing is closed. Now, its right about 10pm so most all stores are closing down. I spent the next half hour or so running around looking for a place to rent some sort of equipment to suck up water. Needless to say, I didn’t find anyone open and ended up driving back to Vernon to get my parents shop vac.
And now I’m distracted from typing so ask questions or something if you care.


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Something other than cigars

I had a bunch of bands sitting on my desk with notes written on them. I had to get them out of the way.
Yesterday I bought a new bike. ‘But you already have one!’ you might say. Let me a splain you one more time.
When I got home from work on Friday the house was empty. I thought it was a little weird so I checked Sean’s away message to see if it could provide any insight to where everyone was. Low and behold I had forgot about the TECA meeting that I was missing. I ran outside hopped on my bike and got there in about 45 seconds.
In my mad rush to get there I jumped off a curb or two. Normally this doesn’t sound so bad, but I have a road bike. It’s an old one at that. As I go to leave the meeting I see that I have a flat rear tire.
Now I have a dilemma. I can replace my old tire for around $7 (70% of the price I paid for the bike) or I can look into getting a new one. My old bike also had horribly placed shifters, a slightly bent rear wheel, and terrible brakes.
As I drive to work everyday there is a house that has used bikes out front for sale. They don’t look like pieces of crap, so I figured I stop and see what he had.
The guy selling the bikes is a retired trucker who fixes bikes for fun and to make a little money. Anyway, he had a nice looking road bike that I ended up buying. It’s a black Giant. It’s in really nice shape. It’s very clean, shifts well, and stops on a dime. The frame is a little lower but it’s no big deal.
The small things like a clean chain, straight wheels, straight cranks and brakes that work make it so muck nicer. The only slight catch is that it’s a 10 speed. That’s two lees than my old one. I noticed right away that the lowest gear isn’t as low as the old one, but whatever. One day I might think about changing the cartridge on the bikes to make it a 12 speed, but I don’t know what that would do to the shifting since the shifter clicks into gear.
So that’s my bike.

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Cigar Review 5

To review this one, I had two of them. The first one was very hot and dry. I don’t know exactly why, but I wanted to give it a second chance to prove itself. Overall the Cusano Double Connecticut is pretty good. It has a smooth mild flavor and a good taste.
The first one I had was very hot. The draw was hot, it was hot to the touch, almost everything everything about it was hot. I thought it was kind of weird and decided to give it a second shot.
It’s a good thing I did that cause it redeemed itself. The second one wasn’t nearly as hot. The draw was good and not too hot. It didn’t get hot until about an inch and a half left. Again, it was nice and smooth very good.

On an somewhat related note, if anyone has a suggestion for a drink to go along with cigars let me know. I’ve been having Woodchuck Amber or Granny Smith cider with them which I think has dane a good job.

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Cigar Review 4

This time it’s the Root Deluxe, another from Drew Estates. Fro me, this is a big cigar. I think the 5×50 is the perfect size and this one came in its own tube. The tube,however, didn’t have the cedar lining so I was wary of it being a little dry.
Pre light it didn’t have the flavor draw that the Macaduro and the Little Cigar Factory had. It was a really hard draw though. You really had to suck on the thing to get it going cause it was packed so tight. It also didn’t have lip flavor that every other cigar I’ve had from Drew Estates has had.
Overall the cigar didn’t have much flavor at all. Again, of all the Naturals I’ve had, this was the least impressive. Generally the draw was a little hot an this one, but I think I was smoking it a little fast. While I had it lit, I got side tracked in the kitchen for a bit and when I came back it had cooled down. I was able to enjoy it until there was about an inch left.

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Cigar Review 3

Sorry, I have like three bands sitting on my desk that I need to write up.
This one is from The Little Cigar Factory. I don’t know exactly which one it is, but my guess is that is was 50×5.
Pre-light it had the same flavor as the Macaduro from before which was concerning again, but didn’t stay. It also had a good draw. Once lit, it had a cool draw and burned far awhile. I thought it would burn a little fast because my humidifier thing had dried out and so had the cigars a little. But that turned out not to be true.
This cigar had almost no lip flavor, but a stronger smoke flavor. It’s not the strongest flavor that I’v ever had, but it’s stronger than ones I’ve had recently.
Overall it wasn’t bad, but I think there are better smokes.

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