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I downloaded the new Beck album. It’s good. The more I listen to Beck, the more I like it.

Anyway, I saw him perform ‘Nausea’ on one of the late night shows awhile ago and thought it was really cool. He performed live, but there was also a marionette performance of him. The show went between shots of puppet Beck and real Beck. I went to look for the music video on youtube and I was kind of surprised by what I found:

All three of those video seem legit to me. Of course, the one from universalmusicgroup is probably the ‘official’ one. I remember seeing an interview or something about a year back in which Beck talked about having to cater to the ‘on demand’ style of the internet. He talked about the album having a blank cover and letting people make their own, etc. I think these music videos are evidence of that. I also think that Beck gets it. He’s trying different things and being creative.

Beck +1


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New Phone

I got my LG VX-8700 yesterday. It’s sexy as hell. I’ve spent a good amount of time playing with it and I like it a lot. To start, its way better than my old phone. It’s lighter and smaller in every dimension. I went to check the time on the phone yesterday and freaked out for a second when I reached into my pocket. I’m used to grabbing a brick out, so when I reached for the phone I was expecting the normal size phone. When my hand didn’t find it, I paniced for a split second, then remember that I had the new much smaller phone.

The real tests will come in the coming days as I use it to make calls. I thought my old phone had really shitty sound, so we’ll see how this one does. I’m sure it won’t be any worse than before, so unless its utterly terrible, I’ll probably keep this phone.

I’ve also made some new ringtones and sent them to the phone. With most LG phones, you can text message a ringtone to your phone and save it that way.

The one thing that bothered me initially was the placement of the microSD card. You have to take the battery out to get to the card. I thought it would be a pain, but it turns out I can connect my laptop to the phone and get pictures off of it that way. Now, I don’t have to take out the card at all.

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Good Day

Yup, that went well

Over the weekend, I filled out an application to teach at an IDtech camp. You can read about them, but basically its a summer camp that teaches tech stuff. It’s what I like doing, its fun, so I applied. The good news is that I have a phone interview with them Thursday morning. Huzzah!

Second, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I may be moving out. There’s a room opening up at a house that some friends rent, so I’m trying to get in there. Hopefully that all works out.

Not so good, I just noticed that my spacebar squeaks a tiny bit when I press it in a certain spot. Damn.


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The new Google

Everyone uses Google. When ever you have a question that you want multiple answers to, or you want to see what’s out there, you google it (yeah, its a verb). But, what about when someone uses a word that you don’t know, or mentions something you’ve never heard of? I use Wikipedia.

When I just want a straight answer, its Wikipedia to the rescue. Sure, I could google it, but Wikipedia will bring me right to the answer saving me one or two clicks. I know it sounds crazy but the fewer clicks the better.

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Can I have 4 beers?

This is hillarious.


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This past weekend was championships in ATL. I was confident in the team going down. The kids had a good amount of drive practice and they knew the game. I was a little unsure of their strategy ability, but I also knew that the only real way to learn was to throw them in the pool. I wasn’t throwing them in without any training. I had spent time with them in practice and coaching and all sorts of things. It’s just hard to let them do it when its your real passion.
My concerns were more with the other adults mentors. I spend more time with the kids than most all of them do, so they don’t know or realize how much knowledge the kids actually have. Some of the other adults are also not as wiling to teach the kids as I am, which is a whole other discussion.
The team also had less people traveling to ATL. I’ve always found that the less people there are the smoother things go. This is really something I’m going to keep control of if I ever have my own team.
The other adults trust was apparent on the practice day down in ATL. Because it was a practice day, we (the drive team) were doing just that, practicing and trying new things. Because of that, the robot didn’t look spectacular and it worried some of the adults. Of course, they hadn’t come to any of the drive practice and didn’t really have an idea of how much we’d practiced or how we’d improved.
The only thing I really did to alleviate the situation was talk to all the other adults and ensure them that everything was fine. Most all of them trust me, since I spend time with the students. I though it was most important that the adults didn’t express their concern to the students because then the students would second guess themselves. They need to have as much confidence as they could muster to do well.
Friday came and the competition started. Before we got there I had discussed with the drive team how things were going to work and how they’d be doing most, basically all, the strategy for the matches. Another of my concerns was scouting, because I had done it with a few students at the regional events and those students didn’t travel to ATL.
Luckily the same ‘throw them into the pool’ tactic worked with scouting too. Again, not to say I hadn’t taught anyone anything, but I was unsure of how they would do. Boy was I wrong. A few students jumped right in and did a really good job with scouting. There were also one or two other adults who kept the students on task and helped them out. It was relieving to see that I didn’t have to do everything or be worried about how things were going all the time.
The drive team did really well al throughout Friday and into Friday night when we had our meeting. The scouts also had good data and information for the meeting and did well. I found myself playing more of a moderator and keeping people on track than giving information.
Saturday went just as well as Friday. We ended up seeding second. Thanks to the work the students did we actually had scouting information. The meeting we had to decide who were would pick went really well. Again, the students were asking all the right questions and giving the right answers. I was keeping them on track and focused.
Eventually we made a list of teams to pick and went through alliance selection. My goal of the eliminations was to keep everyone focused, working together and in good spirits. I think I was very successful in that. The kids did great staying focused and working together. I also think the other teams we were working with felt like they had a say and were truly part of an alliance, not just working with a captain, us.
I’m very proud of how we performed. Everyone kept their cool and stayed in the game. Everyone was contributing to our success and it went great. I’m very proud of how everyone did.

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It’s been boughten

I bought the LG vx-8700 from the Verizon online store. The 8700 is so new that its not in stores yet so I could only get it online. It should be here around Wednesday. Woot!

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