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Watch this movie

It’s long, but it’s good.


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Let me know

I was appointed the webmaster for TECA last week.  I was going to join TECA anyway, so why not jump right on?  The only problem is that I haven’t really done any web anything in a few years.  Sure, I’ve kept up with general trends and things on the web, but I don’t know how to write any of it.

So, I slapped together a quick page to get an Idea of the layout I want to use.

The main purpose of the page is going to be keeping everyone up to date about what’s going on, and since I have no idea how to make an AJAX-y calendar thing, I figured it would be easier to have a Google calendar and just put it in.  The next part I have to do is find a better way to post the news stuff.  Ideally it would be a simple form that an administrator can fill out and post there.  But, there’s that whole thing about automatically archiving old entries, and all that backend stuff.  I’m sure there’s some free solutions that can take care of all of that, but I don’t know enough about all of that yet.

If you have any other suggestions or things, please let me know.

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The other day I went to watch something on the DVR and I got this nice message.

GDM could not write to your authorization file.  this could mean that you are out of disk space or that your home directory could not be opened for writing.  In any case, it is not possible to log in.  Please contact your system administrator.

The drive wasn’t full so that means my home directory couldn’t be opened.  Since I am the system administrator, I had no clue what to do.  There is also a new version of Knoppmyth, so I figured that I’d just re-install over the thanksgiving break.  After re-installing once, I was having the same issues that I had the very first time I installed Knoppmyth, but this time re-compiling the IVTV stuff didn’t do shit.  In fact, it broke the tuner cards.  Now it receives all channels except for 2–6.  What the hell?

I also got two new fans for the desktop PC, and everything is good to go with that one.  Next up, re-format the laptop.

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I’ve been having some weird video problems on my desktop recently.  Last night I got annoyed and decided to check it out.  It turns out that neither of the fans on my video card are spinning making for a nice way to cook eggs.

Has anyone ever tried replacing those size fans or even know what size they are?  It’s a Radeon 9800XT.  I don’t really want to buy a new video card, mainly cause I can’t afford it and also cause I like this one.

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I heard about the new beta of Skype, so I figured I’d download it.  While I was at the download page I noticed the picture in step three.  If you use IE, there probably isn’t anything special about it, but I use Opera.  The picture in step three changes according to what browser you’re using.  Go ahead, try it.  I’ll wait.

I just thought it was a neat feature that goes unrecognized.

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Reading material

Listening to: Coverville 261: The Joni Mitchell Cover Story by Brian Ibbott

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Post election gobbledy gook

Democrats have taken the majority in the house and it’s now tied in the senate.  The internet is saying its a huge win and that America has spoken.  But what’s really going to happen?

Yes, democrats now have control, but can they fix it or will things get worse while they try to undo all the damage?  My initial reaction is that politicians are so focused on their parties that they won’t do much good for awhile.  They’ll be too concerned with trying to ‘fix’ whatever the leader of the democrats says.

Things will change, but will it be good?  Change is natural, but change shouldn’t be forced too quickly.

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