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The Feud

This is the first Friday that I don’t have anything to do.  So naturally I turned on one of my favorite afternoon shows, Family Feud.  The first thing I saw was a new set.  “Not so bad” I thought, but then they dropped the bomb.  “Here’s the host of Family Feud, John O’Hurley.  WTF?  What happened to Richard Karn?  He was really good at hosting the show.  Granted I haven’t seen much of John, but he doesn’t seem as good as Rich.  He seems to fancy for The Feud.  His white hair and proper speech give him an aura of sophistication.

I’ll give him a few more chances, but my hopes aren’t high.  Also, what’s with the hosts being former TV characters?  Rich was Al on Home Improvement and John was Peterman on Seinfeld.  I guess that shows how big of an effect one popular role will have on a person’s career.


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My teeth, my lovely lady teeth

I went to the orthodontist the other day.  I used to have this wire thing cemented inside my lower front teeth.  It wasn’t visible, nor annoying.  Hell, I actually forgot it was there.  I had it removed when I was there.  It felt strange at first.  They replaced the wire with a retainer that I wear at night.  It’s one of the clear plastic cap types. (apparently they don’t make the pink plastic and metal variety anymore)

Anyway, I forgot how much retainers swell.  I’ve only worn it twice and it already smells like an itchy asshole.  I think I’m going to try keeping it a cup of water or something to try and avoid the smell and cut down on cleaning it.

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Apparently I’m terrible at tying my shoes.  this morning, I had my shoes on for 45 minutes before they came untied and 30 of that 45 minutes was in the car, not walking.  I don’t know if it’s my shoe laces or that I suck at tying them.  Does anyone have any tips for tying your shoes?  I guess that I need them.

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Another reason to use Opera

Chew on this:

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State of Tech Ed.

I just got out of my TE 299 class.  There was a very interesting discussion about the future of technology education in public school.  Let me give you some background first.

Greg Kane talked to our class last week.  He is the state tech ed coordinator.  He mentioned that a lot if the shops (auto, machine, etc) around the state are closing down in favor of more conceptual tech ed.  He says the days of the shops preparing kids for the workforce is over.

A classmate was rather upset by this.  He made a point about how public school gives students the opportunity to try news things and fields and spark their interest.  Now that I’m thinking about the discussion, I’m sort of confused about his point.  He started off arguing that the students need to have these classes in school, but he ended with a much foggier argument.  I only chimed in once, when I felt something really needed to be said.

What bugged me the most about the discussion was the people who were doing most of the arguing.  Two of the three main people were, I think, the stupidest people in the class.  What’s worse than stupid people talking?  Stupid people arguing.

So, I’ll pose a question to the internet.  What should tech ed teach and why?  You should about what classes you took in high school and what classes they offer now at your old school.

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Lego explosion

First off, I don’t know how much I ‘m going to be updating this.  I tend to be really busy (more than usual) so I don’t really have time to update.  When I do have free time, I like to do absolutely nothing.

Anyway, lego league started last week.  We had seventeen kids show up.  If you don’t know, teams are limited to ten kids on a team.  That puts us in a little dilemma. We want to get as many kids involved in FLL as we can, so cutting seven kids is the last option.  We’re trying to get a second team formed, but have had a fews road blocks.

It will also be very hard to cut seven kids.  All seventeen of the kids want to be on the team.  Most all of them turned in their teacher recommendations the next day, all of them pay attention at meetings and stay involved.  Choosing ten kids out of this group is going to be nearly impossible.

Also, does anyone know any good music podcasts?  I need to find new music.

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Local happenings

I decided that I should be more aware of local politics and things that effect me more directly.  The other night, I went searching for a source of information.  I found it at

They seem to have a bunch of really good news articles and postings that give you all the facts you need to be informed.  Now I feel smart.

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