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Cheap space

Yesterday at work I got a 200gb USB external HD for $30. I don’t really need it, but who can pass that up? I formatted it for the Mac and started copying things to it. Holy crap it’s slow. Granted, I’m used to firewire 800 external drives so its a big step down. I’ve also found the lights on the drive to be rather annoying (its a Maxtor Onetouch III). There’s a outline of light around the button on the front, but its actually two LEDs. When the HD is searching, the lights alternately blink. I think that I’m just gonna use the drive for backup with SuperDuper.

Saturday night there was a party here. It was interesting.


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Congrats you two!

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As a child

I think I became immune or something to receiving clothes. If I get clothes as a gift, I newer remember them. For instance, I was getting dressed for work and thinking about what black pants I had that were clean. I had totally forgot about the pair that I got for christmas.
The pair that I bought were at the front of my mind though.

Also, I saw two squirrels humping.

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In an attempt to keep track of my money and expenses and things of that nature, I got Quicken. I spent about a half hour setting up accounts and all my transactions from the past month and getting things straight. So far I like it.
I can transfer money between accounts and things. The nice part is the dashboard widget to enter transactions. It makes it much faster to put things without having to open up the app.
We’ll see over time how it holds up and how good I am at keeping up with entering things in.
One of the main reason that I’m trying this is because I’ve been almost totally cash-free for the past month. I switched my accounts from SBR to People’s and I still haven’t gotten my ATM card yet. That means no ATM or anything. I think I may try to stay cash-free as much as I can. It’s a lot easier to keep track of things when it all appears automatically online.

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Boring Days

There’s a lot more things to do when you live on your own. I’m working about 30 hours a week, which isn’t full time, but it’s enough for me. My days typically consist of cooking/eating, cleaning/doing house things and working. I’m meaning to ride my bike more often to get into some kind of shape.
“Your nothing but a temperature in a shape.” – Demetri Martin

We had a Staples softball game tonight. Our store played another store. We won something like 19-15. It was fun. I’m not ridiculously terrible at softball, but I’m not the greatest. I had a few hits and a few RBI. On the other hand I bruised my hand pretty good. I was playing first base and caught a fast throw with my hand. Having not caught a ball with a glove since… probably little league, I catch balls with my hand and not the web of the glove. Its not so great when other people on your team play baseball in twilight leagues and things.

I also have a few projects I want to get done on the computer, but I tend to be anti-productive when sitting in front of the computer.

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Take this quiz and let me know how you do.
I got 14/20 correct. I bet you can’t beat it.

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New App

I’m trying ecto for the duration of the trial period. I couldn’t stand Bleezer’s shitty-ness anymore.

On a kind-of related note, why do all decent OSX apps cost around $20?

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