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I’m taking an electronics class this semester because I have to.  It’s a rather boring class, but that’s not why I’m writing this.
We have these small quizzes almost everyday in class.  Last week we had the first of these quizzes.  It was easy and stupid and practically a waste of time.  There are so many sidetracks here its hard to stay on topic.
There is a kid that sits in the back of the class.  Soon after everyone handed in their quiz, the teacher was reading through them while we were doing something else.  She approached this kid and asked him about his answers on the quiz.  She wanted to know how he got a few of the answers.  He said that they were the answers he came up with, but didn’t give a real explanation.
Then she dropped the bomb, “Can you tell me how you got incorrect answers that are the exact same as the old version of the quiz?”  OH SNAP!!!  Seems like he cheated off an old version of the quiz he got.  I don’t know anything about the old quizzes or anything but apparently the old answers are way different than the new version.

What kind of person cheats their way through college?  Especially through an easy electronics class.  It reminded me of Jay’s crazy rant.



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School started this week.  My classes shouldn’t be too hard or boring.  It should be another good semester. 

Anyway, during my Transportation Design class we started with the question ‘What is transportation?’  Everyone started talking and most people pretty much agreed that practically everything is transportation.  Everything from a car to talking to a friend.  This didn’t seem right to me, so I proposed this requirement.  If you were to stop whatever is being transported it must still exist. 

The example we were using in class was sound.  If you stop sound, it’s no longer sound.  By its nature sound is moving.  You see where I’m going with this.

I also added a second requirement that says the thing being transported has to have a starting point and an ending point.  The main purpose of these requirements are to distinguish transportation from motion because, they’re not the same.


Since school has started I have much less time to spend on robotics.  That’s the main reason that I went nuts with it the first few weeks.  I did manage to have no class on Fridays which helps me get some work done.

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FIRST Kickoff

Last Saturday was the FIRST robotics kickoff.  They announced the game, and now everyone is going crazy trying to build robots.  If you want to learn about the game, read this.

On Saturday, I drove up to NH for the kickoff and to do some filming for FIRSTcast/The Blue Alliance. Check out the video at:

That’s about all I’ve been doing this week.  I figure that I should get as much robotics stuff done as I can before school starts and I have no time.

Listening to: MacBreak Weekly 23: MacWorld Keynote Rap by Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Kendra Arimoto, and Justine Ezarik

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