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Smart boards use

This past week we had a professional development day.  I won’t go into the part about why PD days are frustrating, but regardless I ended up giving a small workshop on the Smart board (link) and how I use it.  One of our school goals this year is to improve ‘technology’ integration in lessons.  I’ll explain why technology is in quotes later.

The workshop went fine for such short notice and it left me and a bunch of other staff wanting to do more with the boards.  I started working with it some and set up a few things, but now I have more focus for one class.

I’m trying to put together a collection of Vex robotics parts for the Smart notebook software.  It’s getting kind of difficult to find images of the different parts from straight on.  All the ones I can find are in a semi isometric view and don’t work well for use on the board.

I’m also mac based, so I can’t grab images from solidworks or anything and use those.  Any suggestions or help with pictures or illustrations of parts would be very helpful.


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I’m back

Recently, I’ve wanted to get some more information out there to people. Plus, I have the hopes of others out there finding this and contributing ideas or offering help. So I’m going to start writing in here more. Starting with…

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