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Big Pig

You’ve probably heard about that really big pig the kid shot in Alabama. If not, here’s the Wikipedia article about it. Notice the last entry in the ‘other feral hog’ section.


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Did you know?

It turns out that Studio 60 is on tonight. I had no idea. I’m going to guess that most people also had no idea. If the network wanted people to watch the show, then they should have advertised during primetime. The audience that likes Studio 60 probably watches other primetime shows.

I think the network is trying to kill the show. It’s a new episode and there hasn’t been any Danny, Matt or Jordan. It’s like they squeezed out a show just to get one out. Push out a show, change the time, keep the main characters out and don’t advertise it. I smell something fishy.

With an ending like that, its dead for sure.

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I has a bed

Today I bought a bed. Hopefully it will fit in my room, I’ll see tomorrow. It’s a queen because I’m too tall for anything smaller. I’m moving some stuff Saturday and the rest of the stuff some other time. I don’t really know when, because I have to work this weekend too.

Yeah, I’m working at a Staples in Newington. Whoopee!

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Heroes Rant

I’m a pretty big Heroes fan. This past episode was the season finale. Since the season is now over I thought I take a little time to gripe in a true nerd fashion.

Let’s start with the season finale itself. Either kill Sylar or don’t. I hate when a character gets ‘killed’ but then right at the end you have the shot that questions whether they’re really dead. It’s bullshit and it only exists so the writers can pull him out of the bag later to make an ‘oh shit’ moment.

There’s a guy who’s worse than Sylar? Gimmie a Fing break. I wonder what a future season is going to be about now? Again, it’s only there to pique people’s interest for next season. Here’s a hint NBC, I’m going to watch next season regardless. I like the story of the characters, not the boogeymen they’re fighting. I’d rather get more information about Primatech than a bullshit boogyman #2

Why didn’t Sylar stop Hiro from stabbing him? I suppose he saw the future and ‘knew’ that Peter was going to explode, but I think everyone’s reaction to a man running at you with a sword would be to dodge it, superpower or not. How come everyone’s powers work around the Hatian guy? In the future episode they said something about how powers don’t work around him.

They do deserve some sort of praise for such a cool show. "Call me Noah" – awesome. It changed most people’s opinions about him with one line. He went from being the mysterious bad guy to a super cool good guy.

I hope the next season stays as good and doesn’t fall into the same whirlpool that 24 has. The show doesn’t need a new villain every season. Rather, just reveal more of their characters and their past to us. I’m looking forward to the fall.

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I just got Parallels.  It’s a VM sort of thing for OSX.  I have used it very little so far, but I love it.  Here’s the main reason why I love it.

My desktop

If you can’t tell, that’s Solidworks (a windows only program) running in its own window in OSX.  I know.

The picture is crooked because of how I have my two monitors arranged.  I put iTunes across both of them to line it up.  Anyway, if you don’t think that’s awesome than your not as big a nerd as I am.

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Oh Snap

Crime is ironic. 

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I thought this was pretty interesting.

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