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PVR will be

So here’s what the specs will be:
AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
BIOSTAR M7NCG 400 motherboard
512 DDR 2100 RAM
120GB Hard Drive
Hauppauge PVR-500MCE Bundle Kit
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 w/extension card
GeForce2 MX400 video card
IN WIN IW-D500T case

How’s that?  I think it should run alright, once I get everything together.  I upgraded to the PVR-500 with my poker winnings from the other night. (More on that later)  The PVR-500 is a dual tuner, so I’ll be able to record one thing while watching another.  It also has it’s own remote and IR blaster to control the cable box with.  After it’s all setup, everything should go through the DVR and kick your ass all night long.  Plus I’ll be spending about $240 on it, total.  Not bad.

So, the Podcast Poker Challenge (PPC) was the other night.  It was a free tournament, as long as you registered ahead of time for it.  They advertised it on a few podcasts, that’s how I heard about it.  Then I told Jay and Jeremiah about it, since we all have accounts on  There were 138 people, I think, playing.  I thought my chances would be pretty good with that amount playing.  Well, a few of the podcasts are poker podcasts, so the people that came from those, are good players.  In general, most everyone that played was decent.
With that amount of people playing, first place was $520, 2nd – $340, and it dropped off pretty quickly from there.  There were also $50 bounties on the hosts of the different podcasts, meaning, if you knocked them out, you won $50.  Throughout the whole tournament I was doing well, staying above 20th place and below 4th most all the time.  When it got to the second break, i was still doing well, and had gotten one of the $50 bounties.  I was happy with that, since money is money.  Right after the break though, I had a stupid hand and lost a good portion of my stack.  I made the final table, and the first hand I get pocket queens.  I go all-in with that and get called by a person with aces, not good.  I didn’t lose everything on that, but only lasted two more hands because blinds hit me.  I went out in 10th place and won $44.
Jay also made the final table.  Since he was still in it, I kept watching.  He ended up placing 2nd!  That’s $340 for him.  We rule at poker!  And don’t have gambling problems, which is key.  So, my $94 in winnings is going into the DVR, hence the upgrade.

Oh, so after the PPC, I e-mailed Brian Ibbott, the host of Coverville, the podcast we (Jay, Jer and I) were all playing for.  I told him about the results of the tourny and even recorded a small audio clip to send to him.  The next day, I got an e-mail back from him saying that he used the audio.  Woot!  Now you all have to go listen to me on Coverville.  I’m 2/3rds in, or so.

Corey, from team 25, also came up to Da Cuttt this weekend.  A group of people went out to Hooters and bowling and stuff.  Much fun was had.  Many crotches got sticky.  Babies might have been made.

I’ll be leaving for Atlanta on Wednesday morning, early.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  Hopefully the team does well.  I suppose this will be it until I get back.  I think it’s enough.


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Blog Entry #85375-975-92398650982

In case you didn’t figure out the last post, I stopped at page 30, then wrote the report.  The report pretty much consisted of me talking about how the book was boring, but seemed very well researched.  Regardless of what I get on that paper, it was a boring book.

While I was typing that paper, I realized that I was coming up with much more descriptive words than I have for previous papers.  I think it’s a direct effect of writing stories and anecdotes for this thing.  I try to be detailed in my descriptions for things I post here, when I feel like it (which isn’t too often these days).

Have you seen American Inventor?  I’m just watching it now for the first time.  I have to say, it’s bad.  There are a multitude of shows on television that are crappy.  I think that’s the main reason that I’m going to build a DVR.

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Did you know Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis?  I didn’t until I read the first 30 pages of Ron Chernow’s book.  And now I’m writing a review of the book. Heh.

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Save China

I watched a PBS special on China today.  It was really well done and very informative.  Well worth watching, go do it now.

Last weekend was Yaya’s funeral.  It still hasn’t sunk in that she’s gone.  It doesn’t seem real that we won’t be going to Yaya’s house anymore for holidays.  Or that she won’t be coming to weddings or graduations or anything.  I just can’t comprehend it.  It doesn’t seem possible.  She’s been to everything before.  Hell, I talked with her and spent the day with her in mid-late March.
I’m just dreading the day this becomes a reality for me.

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Have you seen my paintball mask?  I can’t find it anywhere.  Also, the right side of my head hurts.

That is all…

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More PVR

It’s either spend $200 on mobo, case, and tuner. Or spend $220 on an older mobo from Marc (it’s an MSI turbo 2 somethingerother), case and the same tuner.
I’m thinking I like the new mobo option.  That makes the system a hell of a lot smaller so it will fit into an entertainment easier.

What’s your vote?

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So, I decided to resurrect the PVR project.  I’ll be getting a motherboard from Marc that will suit my needs for $20, which cuts down alot of costs.  The only catch is that it’s a full size ATX board, so the cost will be made up in the case.  As it looks right now, I’ll be spending just over $200 total.  That’s not bad.  The PVR will have:
Athlon 1.2GHz
MSI mobo (from Marc)
512 PC 2100 RAM
120gb HD
Hauppauge PVR-150
Coolermaster case

That’s not bad.  Hell, a PC like that used to cost $2000 once upon a time.  I’m also debating on whether to my old GeForce2 video card in it for the TV out, or to get a new cheap card.  I mean, I could get a card twice as good for around $20 I think.  I only need it for the TV portion, so I’m not sure.

I’m also going to price out some more microATX motherboards and cases.  If I can get a new mobo and decent case for around $100, I think I’ll go that route.  Especially since $100 for an ATX media case seems kind of ridiculous.

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