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Learning theory

Personal learning theorists believe that:

Everyone does the best they can at every moment. If they could do better, they would.

In what way(s) might this statement be true? If true, them what are some positive implications for teaching and learning?

This statement is true if you disregard what the person is trying to be their best at. Sure, if they’re working on some homework and are really into it, than they’re doing their best at that. But if they’re doing their homework and not really working hard or wanting to do it,than they’re not trying to do their best on the homework. Maybe they’re trying to put it off. Maybe they’re thinking about something that happened earlier in the day. Whatever they’re thinking about, they’re doing their best at it.

This can have positive implications for teaching. If the teacher can keep the students engaged, interested and thinking about the topic (regardless of how easy or difficult that may actually be), than they’ll be doing their best. If the students are doing their best, than they’ll be learning the best.


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