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PSYC – Memory

4) Imagine during a six-month checkup your doctor finds that you are in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Reflect on what it would be like with a declining memory and any strategies that you might plan to use to cope with your declining memory.

This a is pretty easy thing for me to imagine. I already have a terrible memory and have implemented strategies to help with it. My short term memory is awful, unless I’m really interested in whatever I have to remember. The only thing that would change if the doctor gave the news of Alzheimer’s is that I would know for a fact that my memory would be shitty.
I’m not entirely sure is Alzheimer’s attacks certain parts of the memory or if it only hits certain sections. I guess I’ll assume the worst and say it will slowly erase everything. The worse part about losing your memory like this will be losing the everyday things. For one, knowing how to type. If I sat down at the computer and suddenly the keyboard look completely foreign to me and I didn’t know anything about Windows, I would go nuts. I’d go even more nuts than I already am.
Since my memory is already bad, I started carrying a small notebook with me. Everything that I need to remember gets written in the notebook. The only hard part is remembering to write things in the notebook and remembering that I did write them in the notebook.
The second thing that would drive me nuts would be forgetting who my family members are. I am very close with my family: parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, everyone. Normally when my family gets together, there are numerous people there and we’re all talking and having a good time. The thought of this scene becoming completely foreign and unfamiliar scares the hell out of me. I know that it would also be painful for my other family members to witness. I don’t ever want them to have to go through that.
Other than recording everything I need to remember, either with writing or voice recording, I don’t know any other strategies I would use. Since losing my memory is inevitable, prolonging it would only make it worse for others around me.

Also, this is a funny-ass read.


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Dream dream dream

This may seem a little weird. This dream is focused around robots, but not FIRST robots, killer robots.
Let’s try to set this up as best I can. I’m on a spaceship of some sort. I’m the captain of the ship. My crew is people I know in real life, but I can’t remember who they are. The only person I remember is Chad, my second in command. Anyway, we’re fighting crime or something. All of a sudden Dr Doom. (the guy from the comics) comes into play. He’s controlling all these robots. The robots start attacking us, and absolutely crushing us. After some fighting, the robots kill everyone but me and Chad. We decide that the only way to get away is to run.
The hard part is getting away from the robots because they’re all networked together. Once one of them knows what you look like, they all know. Chad and I go flying back to the main planet to warn everyone else about these robots.
When we get there, it’s night time. On the main planet they keep all robots on island off the coast. It was safe because the robot couldn’t cross the water or they would get wet and short out. Seems pretty logical. As Chad and I are flying in, we can see these big dark streaks in the water from the islands to the main land. As we get closer we can see that the robots can now float and are crossing to the main land.
We land our ship near the robots in the water for some reason. We have to swim to the main land to warn everyone else. As we’re swimming, we get spotted by the robots and they start attacking us again. They get Chad and drown him in the water, but I manage to lose them and find a safe abandoned room for the night. When I get in there I curl up in the corner and try to sleep and figure out what I’m going to do. while I’m trying to go to sleep, one of those water dinosaurs breaks through the window and tries to attack me. It’s neck wasn’t long enough to be able to reach me and it gives up and leaves.

I wake up the next morning and walk into town. Everyone is going about their business like nothing happened. Some how I figure out that the robots are in some peoples brains. Just like before one of them spots me and starts coming after me. Since one has seen me, they all know what I look like now. When they see me they instantly know who I am and start coming after me. One of them grabs me and I hit him in the face. That stopped him dead in his tracks. When you hit them they stop because they don’t want to start a scene. Not everyone has a robot in their brain, only about a quarter of the people. So if they start fighting all the normal people will notice and their plan will be foiled.
Now I’m running down the street with all these robot people chasing me and more trying to stop me. As I pass them I slap them in the face. Slapping seemed to be the most effective and the least harsh on my hands. I run into a gym and there are a few people playing basketball. One of them is Chad.
I saw him drown, so I know he’s a robot. I say something like “Not you Chad.” and slap him in the face. I’m now in a gym with almost a hundred robot people trying to get me. I get them all to stop by slapping them in the face. Now I have a ton of people standing in this gym not moving. I start trying to talk to the real people and get past the robot that’s controlling their brain.
I’m walking around this gym lecturing a bunch of people and slapping the ones that start moving. That’s when I woke up.

That is all…

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You’ll end up on my blog

There’s a certain type of person that really annoys the hell out of me. I’m sure I’m guilty of this too, but it still annoys me to no end.
A guy came into work the other day looking for an parallel to USB adapter for his printer. That’s not what he said though. he was the kind of person that wants to sound like they know what they’re talking about so they can try to talk over your head and impress you. So, this guy says that he needs a ‘RS232’ adapter for his printer. Now, I know what an RS232 is. He clearly didn’t.
Normally if a person says something like ‘I think it’s an RS232.’, than I’ll politely give them the correct information. This guy said it with a certain stubbornness that I hate. So I gave it right back to him. I responded with “No, your printer takes a 36 pin Centronics connector. A RS232 is only 9 pins.” as equally stubborn as he told me. That shut him up.
Similar things also happen with people who ‘do their research’ for PCs. They start talking and you think they might know about computers, but then it happens.
“Oh, a 100 Megabyte hard drive, that’s pretty big.” The old prefix mix-up. Or sometimes just a more general terminology mix-up.
“How many gigabytes is that processor?”
As soon as a term gets mixed up you know that they know next to nothing about whatever they’re standing in front of. On the other hand, it’s fun to actually talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about. You can have good discussions and actually learn something.

That is all…

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Just because

Why am I updating this now? Mainly because I have nothing to do. I actually have some work to do, but I forgot it at home and don’t remember what it is. I know that it’s another journal thing for my psyc class, but I don’t remember the wording of the discussion topics.
They’re not anything hard, hell, I’ve been blogging for some three years or so now. I think I can write enough to fill a few pages with one of my ‘stream of conciseness’ rant type things. I know that one of them is something about love, and another is about getting old I suppose that I could attempt to talk about those topics anyway but that wouldn’t be any fun.
It’s more fun to talk about nothing like I’m doing right now.

I’m half done with the car drives that I have to make. Two out of three are done. On one of them I had to do some modification to the drive itself. It worked out fine, but I was a little nervous as I grinded though the circuit board. I was just praying that there weren’t any wires that I was going to go though.
Overall, the drives are looking very nice. I’m getting much better at fitting the drives in there as tight as possible. I’ll have some pictures of them soon. I’ll post them here when I get them.

There isn’t really a photo gallery on, but I think I’ve found a way around it. If I’m wrong, please let me know and how I can upload things to it easily.

That is all…

[Listening to: Joseph Campagna – Acappella U Ep.2 (31:07)]

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Wake up sleepy head

“That’s for rolling up the window when I tried to jump into the General Lee!”

Am I the only person who has trouble typing a capital I and an l? My fingers don’t respond to my brain.

I had something that I wanted to mention in here, but I remembered right before I fell asleep the other night. Along with all the other genius ideas I’ve come up with lying in bed, I forgot what it was.
Yesterday I had to work, which would be normal, if I didn’t have the opportunity to go play paintball. Other than the normal disappointment, I was especially annoyed when we had at least three people working all day. For those of you who don’t know, three people is alot for our store. If I had known that we had that many people on, I would have called out and not felt bad at all. Instead I was stuck not playing paintball and instead helping idiots with computer related things.

I’m looking for a few programs or services to help me out. First, does anyone know of a program that will automatically create playlists from a set of rules? I want one similar to what iTunes does with their smart playlists, but not in iTunes. I want to create a playlist of the 10 or 15 newest files in a given directory.
Second, is there a service that will allow me to upload pictures from my cell phone directly into a public online album?

That is all…

[Listening to: Joseph Campagna – Acappella U Ep. 5 (46:43)]

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Black Friday

Whats more fun than getting up at at 5:45am to go fight crowds and spend money?
Coming back at 2pm to clean it up, that’s what.
Yeah, I got up early to get some deals at Staples. There were about one hundred people outside waiting when we got there, and the store opened a minute or two after. It was a mad rush to grab everything worth having and get checked out. I needed 4 USB flash drives, but I was limited to one per customer. I grabbed two and had dad ring out with one. He also wanted to get the Samsung 19″ LCD that was on sale for $200.
Well, I watched the drives get ripped off the shelves and the LCD monitors get handed out to anyone with an opposable thumb. They had all the good deals lined up behind the service desk, so everyone flocked there. The only was to describe it is to relate it to the floor at the NYSE.
Black Friday
Everyone was standing around the desk yelling out what they wanted. If you got lucky someone handed it to you. since I work there, Jo Ann saw me and gave me what I wanted. It was nice to have some sort of connection and get things quicker.

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I wish Turkey only cost a Nickel

Nana and Aunt Jen were supposed to come up to our house today for ‘the meal.’ But, I was awoken by my father and told that we were driving down to her house because of the snow.
Initially I thought ‘what store did she find that was open to pick up a turkey?’ and ‘what are we gonna do with our turkey?’ Stupid me. She didn’t find any stores open and the Camry now smells like turkey.
After driving down to her place, it kind of seemed unnecessary. There wasn’t any snow or ice on the road and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. Kind of a waste of a trip if you ask me. Especially since we had to bring diner with us.
Since we originally planned on them coming here, everything was already being prepared. So, when plans got changed, we had to pack everything with us to bring.

Well, I have to get up balls early tomorrow so I can some flash drives.

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