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Long time coming

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything here. Looking back on the entries, almost a year since something original. What has happened to me since then?

Last summer brought a job working at the state department of education. It was typical clerical work, nothing exciting. In the fall I started my student teaching. I did 8 weeks in a middle school and 8 weeks in a high school. Both experiences were great. All the teachers I worked with were great guys and people that I’m going to keep in touch with. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them. I am truly thankful for everything they taught me.

After that I graduated in December. That led to the post-college job search. It was even weirder for me looking for a teaching position mid-school year. There were a few jobs open and I applied for most all of them. One that came up seemed like a perfect fit and a huge opportunity. I really tried for it and ended up getting the position. I started my first full time teaching job mid-year and so far have been loving it.

I teach two engineering courses, CADD, and architecture. I also have the opportunity to re-write curriculum over the summer and tailor the courses exactly how I want. I couldn’t ask for anything more within my first year of teaching. It’s been great.

Since I’ve been teaching, I haven’t had much time to sit and read through my RSS feeds and pull out interesting articles for you. I may try to start doing that again to help keep me sane.



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