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Tom’s Crazy Theory #3

Tom’s back with another crazy theory. This one is entitled ‘No Room for Deviants’.
While watching a television show about a doctor extending the life of fruit flies this theory was concocted. With advances in medicine and research like the fruit flies, eventually humans will be living much much longer. This will create an overpopulation problem. If people are living longer than life sentences of prisoners will be longer and more expensive. This will overcrowd prisons even more than they currently are.
To avoid overcrowding, the death penalty will be given out much more liberally. As it was put by Tom, “You mess up and you get put to death.” In a world where people are living extremely long, there is no room for deviants.


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A while ago, at work wet started talking about mythbusters. Somehow I thought of the movie Twister for them to bust in a movie special they do. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m going to give away part of the ending.
At the end of the movie the two main characters are running from an F5 tornado. After a dramatic chase, they end up in a small barn. The barn has a pipe that’s sunk deep into the ground inside it. They decide to anchor themselves to this pipe with some leather straps they find. Strapped to the pipe, the characters hold tight right through the center of the tornado and the movie ends happily.
The problem I have with the scene is its feasibility. While at work I started looking some things up to see if it was possible. I’ll start with the tornado.
I’m pretty sure the one in the movie was an F5. Those tornados generate a windspeed of 261-318mph. According to this article, the maximum wind speed of a tornado is 300mph, so that’s the number I’ll use since the tornado was supposed to be so huge. That same article says that wind at that speed exerts 404 pounds per square foot. Since the wind from the tornado is acting on the people, we need to know ho many square feet a person is. This is the weakest part of my argument. I can’t find a good source of the area of a person, so I’m estimating based on, what I think is a reasonable number. That number is 2 square feet. I think that’s a reasonable estimate of area wind would push against a person. So, 2 square feet, 404 pounds per square foot, gives you a total of 808 pounds of force the tornado is exerting.
Now, onto the leather straps holding the people to the pipe. I’m assuming that the pipe isn’t going to give or break. I don’t know if that’s true but it give me the best scenario and eliminates ti from the calculations. For some reason I can’t find the same resource that had the breaking force of leather listed. I need your help to find that information.
I’d take a guess at the strength, but I want to keep this as fact-filled and scientific as possible.


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Gas station

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About a week ago I was in Vernon doing some things. I stopped to get some gas at the Valero on route 83 near Walgreens. There was a new thing on the pump that I hadn’t seen before. It also happened that I was talking with my dad on the phone at the same time. I put my credit card through the machine and started filling up. A few seconds after I started pumping this thing started talking at me.

I think it was telling of specials and deals that were going on, but I didn’t really listen. At the time I had one hand on the pump and the other was holding my phone to my ear. That left zero hands available to hit the mute button on it. The device wasn’t quiet either. It made holding a conversation on the phone impossible. I had to tell my dad to hold on a second while I put the phone down and hit mute.

This new device is the most annoying thing I’ve ever come across. Next time I’m there I’m going to record it for you so you can hear how stupid it is. I’m also going to complain to the attendant at the station.

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Warped Tour

Last Thursday was the Warped Tour at the Tweeter Center in MA. I gat the day off from work so I could go. We got there around 11:30am I think. If you’ve never been to a Warped Tour before, its basically bands playing all day long. They had eight or so stages set up, with the schedule for six of them posted ahead of time. Elgin got a picture of the schedule so I’ll be using that to make sure I keep things in the right order.
MatchesWe got there around noon and walked around for a bit until we found the schedule. Then the music started. First, I saw The Matches on the stage. (I’m going to give stage names so you can keep track of things a little easier) Joe had told me about them and I have their album, so I knew a few of their songs. They were pretty entertaining. After that we headed out to #13 Stage to catch a little of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I have only heard their one song about not beating your wife. Then I want over to Lucky stage to see Amber Pacific. AmberPacificAgain, I have their album, so I knew a few songs. I was surprised at the lead singer’s voice. From the way he sounds on the album, I didn’t think that he would sound very good in person. He surprised me and did pretty well.
Then it was back to stage to see Family Force 5. They put on an entertaining show. Right before they started I stood in line and paid way too much for a steak tip sandwich. I ate while FF5 was playing. We tried to get back out to see Poison the Well, but were too late. Instead we saw Coheed and Cambria on #13. That singer has more hair than one man should have and a higher voice than a man should have. After Coheed we went over to see Pepper on Lucky. I hadn’t heard of them before, but Elgin had. I really liked their set and have since downloaded their albums.
After Pepper it was back over to #13 to see The Starting Line. I have their first two albums so, again, I knew their songs. I found out from their set that they have a new album and now so do I. Quick, run back over to Lucky to see Flogging Molly. All this going back and fourth may not sound too bad, but keep in mind that there were probably 40,000 people there and there was no quick way between the stages. Anyway, I’ve heard of Flogging Molly, but I didn’t know any of their songs. They put on a decent show and their pit was crazy. I’m glad I wasn’t in it.
Molly ended and it was back over to #13 to see Circa Survive. CircaSurviveI have a few of their songs, one in-particular that I really like. They were good and got the crowd going, despite their not-so-rocking-out sound. At one point they told everyone that there was a crowd surfing competition. Right after that there was probably 15 people crowd surfing at once. They also had the crowd make condom balloons from the Trojans that were handed out. That made for a pretty neat sight, and Elgin snapped a picture of it.
After that we went over to one of the smaller stages to see MC Chris. He’s the guy that does that Star Wars rap thing. He was pretty funny on stage and I got a kick from him using a Mac to play all the music. Back over to #13 to see Killswitch Engage. They had a big pit and a pretty crazy Wall of Death. Were weren’t that close to the stage and we still had to back up when they did it. Killswitch also recorded a cover of the Dio song Holy Diver. Go watch the video of it.
After Killswitch we stuck around for Paramore. It was kind of weird because that’s the band all the sixteen year old girls were there to see. So I was singing along with all the little girls while they were playing. At one point the singer asked if everyone had their new album and of course everyone cheered. There was a weird silence right after that so I yelled “I downloaded it!” That got a decent laugh from the surrounding people. Paramore’s set was pretty good.
To sum it all up for you I saw 12 bands in about 9 hours. Since the concert I’ve downloaded a little more than a gig worth of music from bands that were there.


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Media Whore

First up, The Bourne Ultimadum. Despite having not seen the first two, I enjoyed the third. I knew a little about the character that Matt Damon plays, but not much. The third movie had a good balance of storyline and action scenes. The only complaint I have about it is the constant camera movement. Even when two people are sitting in an office talking, the camera isn’t steady. After a few shots of that I got annoyed at it, but as soon as the fists started flying it wasn’t so bad.

Second, John from Cincinnati has lost my viewership. I gave itsix episodes to keep my interest, but it failed. The characters didn’t go anywhere, they left people out of episodes without explanation, it was bad. Nice try HBO.

I’ve started watching a few new shows. Flight of the Conchords is hilarious. Its subtle humor and I love it. I also have been watching Jekyll, a great show from the BBC. As you can probably tell from the title, its a modern day Jekyll and Hyde story. The acting and writing is awesome. When an episode ends, I gawk in amazement and anger that its over. Lastly, The Kill Point on FK is also very good. Somehow, the show has kept a real feeling even though the premise is a little crazy.

My dad also told me that there actually was an ending to the TV series Studio 60. I have the last 5 or 6 episodes on the way right now.

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I know I’ve said this before, but one of my old posts still gets the most hits. The post was a copy of the Comcast Notice of Action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act e-mail that I received.

Recently there have also been many new comments from people sharing their experiences. First off I want to thank everyone for posting their thoughts. I think all the comments really put the letters hat Comcast (or any ISP) sends out into perspective. If this many people are finding my tiny corner of the internet than imagine how many letters are being sent.

The real purpose of this post is to answer questions or concerns that people have. Before I directly answer the questions, here a few articles that people have posted that are worth reading:
City Pages – Forbidden Fruit
>Throwing File-Sharers in Jail to Grab Headlines
>Use of IP addresses it Lawsuits
>Lawsuits can’t be the only solution to piracy
>Busted! A Look at BitTorrent Copyright Complaints

If you’ve read those you probably have a decent idea of what the RIAA/MPAA is doing. As far as I know the RIAA has not won a single case in U.S. court against a person charged with copyright infringement. If I’m mistaken in that statement please let me know. If you have evidence to believe otherwise please share it.

The most common question people have after receiving one of these letters is ’Has anything else happened to anyone?’ From my experience and from the comments on the original post, nothing has happened to anyone after getting one of these letters. No service has been terminated, no lawsuits filed, nothing.

Next people want to know ’What should I do?’ Personally, I ignored mine. I slowed down my downloading briefly, but it hasn’t stopped me. If you want more information about your specific case, I encourage you to contact your Internet Service Provider and get as much information from them.

After those two questions, many people have questions in regards to their case, or the technicalities of file sharing. I will try to answer any questions people might have.

Again, thank you to all the people who have left comments on my blog.


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