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It’s been awhile since I did this last. Sorry about that. I got really busy with finals and school and work and life in general. Now that the semester is over, I’ll have more time to write here. I’ll really try, I promise.
Let’s start with Christmas. Now that’s it’s over I can let everyone know what I did. For my parents, I converted all of our old VHS home movies to DVD. It was a total of 5 discs complete with labels and cases and divided into chapters and all. They came out really nice looking and the ‘rents really liked them.
I sent Jay this while I was working on everything, but I told him not to let it out too much for fear of my parents finding out. Since I don’t have to worry about that anymore, here’s Jay’s 5th grade clarinet solo.

From now on, I am willing to convert VHS tapes to DVD for people. If you want any done, or know anyone who does, I’ll do it for $20 per tape. That gets you the case with labels and a dvd split into chapters, basically the same thing I made for my parents. Start spreading the word.
The best thing I got this year is a Take TV. Its a device that allows you to play divx, xvid, and mpeg files on your television. It had a cradle device thing that you connect to the TV and a large USB flash drive-like thing that you can plug into your computer and copy files too. It really is that easy. Drag and drop files on it, put it in the cradle and your watching pirated TV shows and movies on your 42″ screen. I love it.

Since about the beginning of the month I’ve been watching the Thundershow, aka Wine Library TV. It’s an awesome show about wines and things. For the holidays I ordered the christmas four pack to share with the family on christmas day. I burned the show onto a DVD and played it at my aunt’s while we all drank and tasted along. It turned out to be a huge hit with everyone and we had a great time. If he does another show like this, I’ll try to remember to post it here so everyone can get involved if they want.

The last thing I would like to cover is the New Year’s party. There will be a party here and if you’re reading this than you’re invited. Please let me know if you’d like to come.
That’s a decent post for now.


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Odd Coincidence

Last night, Sean, Chris, Amanda and I were sitting in the living room. As I was reading digg (username:ogrerocks, friend me) I came across this article.
I was reading it aloud to everyone in the room and people were guessing which ones would be at the top. As I read the top three, it got weird. First, the third ugliest school, SCSU, amanda attended for a year. The second ugliest, UMass – Amherst, Sean attended for a year. And the ugliest school, Drexel, I attended for a year.
Four people in the room, the top three ugliest schools covered. Go figure.

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