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I need some topics for my public speaking class.  I have to have three informative speech topics and three persuasive speech topics.  Give me some idea.



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Can someone explain the history of the Middle East to me?  How, When and Why was Israel formed.  why does Palestine hate them so much?
I’m trying to make sense of the elections that Hamas won.  How can a ‘terror’ group win a democratic election?  They can’t force 60% of the population to vote for them if they’re a small minority.  Clearly, the people in the Middle East voted for these people for a reason.
If Hamas is considered a terror group, can the Republican party be considered a terror group?  Both are in control of their respective governments.  Both have imposed their beliefs on other people.  Granted, Republicans don’t run around shooting whoever they want and that’s a distinct difference, but they seem to have a striking number of similarities.

 How many indians do you think inhabited North America in 1491?  What kind of society do you think those people lived in?
We read the article 1491 in history this week.  I’m usually not a big fan of history, but I found this article pretty interesting.  Give it a read.



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Here’s a funny article.

I set off five security alarms in various stores today. I didn’t get stopped once. Don’t take me wrong, I wasn’t trying to set them off. But, I have no idea why I set them off. I didn’t have anything in my pockets that I haven’t had before. I really can’t figure it out.

Recently, my phone has been acting up. Every now and then, when I take in out of my pocket, it’s off. I didn’t turn it off and the battery isn’t dead. I don’t know what’s causing it. I may take it back to a Verizon place to see if my ‘warranty’ is still good on it.

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You need Relacore

Stress produces Cortisol

Cortisol increases belly fat.

Relacore reduces Cortisol

You NEED Relacore.

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Update #3408652308761405763450632450

I’ll cover the whole week here.

Last Sunday was our Christmas party for work at Vernon Lanes.  Wait, now I remember that I covered that part already.  So, on Monday, Ken called and said that they needed some help in the Newington store.  So, I called up Kera, the manager from Vernon who’s at Newington right now.  She said that they could use all the help they can get.  I worked there three days this week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 10–6 each day.  It was a good amount of hours to squeeze in before school starts on Monday.

That store was weird at first because it’s completely backwards from the Vernon store.  It’s literally a mirror image of Vernon.  Plus they have more stuff than we do.  It’s a bigger store.

Has anyone seen the commercial for the gay male phone dating service?  You can tell that’s it gay from the commercial, but it’s not openly gay.  It’s kind of weird.
The commercials for Burger King with the King playing football are great.  I wish I could come up with advertising like that.

And there’s always robotics.  I need to come up with a rules quiz for next week.  I’ll do it tomorrow and Sunday, since I don’t have to work.

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Everybody, EveryBODY!

Last night was the Christmas party for work, at Spare Time, formerly Vernon Lanes.  It was the first time I’ve bowled since I can remember.  I bowled two games and got a 128 and 133.  Not bad considering the length of time that has passed since I last bowled.  As I was leaving, I was talking to the managers and mentioned that I wasn’t scheduled at all this week.  I told them to give me a call if they needed anyone.  Well, Ken called this morning and they need someone in Newington.  So this week I’m working three days in Newington.  It’s during the day, so it’s not bad and they’ll probably pay me for travel time too.

I ordered my books for next semester today.  I start class next week.  It should be an alright semester, we’ll see.  My hardest classes will probably be public speaking and history because, well, they suck, but I have to take them.  I should start thinking of somewhere to give a speech now, that way I don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Has anyone seen my hat?  My new hat that I bought the night I got in the car accident.  I can’t find it anywhere. 

Plus I have robotics alot.


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And so it begins…

Read that and you’ll know what I’ll be doing for the next six weeks.

In case you don’t fee like reading that whole document, let me give you a synopsis.

The object of the game is to score points by shooting nerf-like balls into goals.  Each team is made up of three robots.  Each team has a three goals, on the opposite side of the field that they are trying to score in.  The center goal is a 30” diameter hole centered on the wall located 8’6” above the floor.  Above the center goal is a green light that the robots can use to track as they move around the field.  A ball that goes into the center goal is worth three points.  There is also a goal in each corner near the ground.  Balls scored in those goals are worth one point each.
The game is broken down into periods.  The first period is ten seconds of autonomous programming where the robots are programmed to score points.  The second period is forty seconds of operator control.  During this period, the team that scored the most points during the first period is on defense.  Only the offensive team may score points during this period while the opposing team play defense.  The third period is the same as the second except that the teams switch roles.  The defensive team goes on offense and vice versa.  During the fourth both teams are free to score points as they please.  In other words, the fourth period is a free for all.
The team with the highest score wins.

Get it?  I didn’t think so.  Read the document, or at least look at the pictures.

For the next six weeks, or until school starts, I’ll be trying to figure out how to win that game.  And if I’ve got that figured out I’ll be building a robot to win the game.  Plus I have to get my car fixed, work some, get my books for school, and many other things.

After the ship date I may give you some hints about out robot and what we’re building, but until then, you’ll have to wait.

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