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New things

First, we’ve got a new house. It’s in Newington right off the turnpike. We’re moving in on June 1st. When we have a housewarming party we’ll let you know. I can’t express how antsy I am to get out of the parents house.

June 1st also marks the first shooting day for the video podcast I’ll be launching. It’s called ‘The Humordor’. (Get the play on words?) It’s a cigar review show that Sean and Myself will be doing. I’ll link the site when I’ve got it done and somewhat ready. When I do you better promote the hell out of it.

I’ve got the camera, mics after tonight, mixer and most everything else I’ll need. I’m just waiting for the tripod to get here so I can start shooting some clips for the intro sequence. It’s going to be interesting to see if I can get the idea I have in my head into a physical form. Lack of equipment should not hold me back.

If anyone else who reads this does a podcast let me know. I’ve got some ideas and things I’d like to bounce off you. Please, Please, Please ask questions and/or tell everyone you know about it.


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iPod rating

I figured out how to rate songs on the iPod. It’s not very intuitive.

When a sang is playing, you have to hit the button that shows all songs from the album. That screen will have a section at the top for rating songs.

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Peavey pv6

I’ll be going to Guitar Center today to take a look at the Peavey pv6:


It looks like the cheapest option with the number of mic inputs I’m looking for.

Edit: The Peavey can’t handle mic level on the 1/4″. Scratch that.

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Audio Mixers

I’m looking at getting a simple audio mixer. I’m a huge nerd. Does anyone out there know anything about mixers?

I’m looking for a simple mixer to record at least 4 microphones with 1/4″ connections. Firewire or USB output from the mixer would be nice too. It’s mainly going to be used for recording podcasts and maybe an instruments or two every now and then.

All the mixers I’ve seen don’t look like they can handle mic level input on the 1/4″ connections. All the mixers assume that your mic level inputs are coming from expensive XLR connections, which isn’t my case at all.

If anyone out there knows anything about mixers, or a good audio site to read up on, please let me know.

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