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Another reason to use Opera

Chew on this:  http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060925-7818.html


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State of Tech Ed.

I just got out of my TE 299 class.  There was a very interesting discussion about the future of technology education in public school.  Let me give you some background first.

Greg Kane talked to our class last week.  He is the state tech ed coordinator.  He mentioned that a lot if the shops (auto, machine, etc) around the state are closing down in favor of more conceptual tech ed.  He says the days of the shops preparing kids for the workforce is over.

A classmate was rather upset by this.  He made a point about how public school gives students the opportunity to try news things and fields and spark their interest.  Now that I’m thinking about the discussion, I’m sort of confused about his point.  He started off arguing that the students need to have these classes in school, but he ended with a much foggier argument.  I only chimed in once, when I felt something really needed to be said.

What bugged me the most about the discussion was the people who were doing most of the arguing.  Two of the three main people were, I think, the stupidest people in the class.  What’s worse than stupid people talking?  Stupid people arguing.

So, I’ll pose a question to the internet.  What should tech ed teach and why?  You should about what classes you took in high school and what classes they offer now at your old school.

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