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Lego explosion

First off, I don’t know how much I ‘m going to be updating this.  I tend to be really busy (more than usual) so I don’t really have time to update.  When I do have free time, I like to do absolutely nothing.

Anyway, lego league started last week.  We had seventeen kids show up.  If you don’t know, teams are limited to ten kids on a team.  That puts us in a little dilemma. We want to get as many kids involved in FLL as we can, so cutting seven kids is the last option.  We’re trying to get a second team formed, but have had a fews road blocks.

It will also be very hard to cut seven kids.  All seventeen of the kids want to be on the team.  Most all of them turned in their teacher recommendations the next day, all of them pay attention at meetings and stay involved.  Choosing ten kids out of this group is going to be nearly impossible.

Also, does anyone know any good music podcasts?  I need to find new music.

Listening to: Security Now! 58: Security Alert! – sponsored by Astaro Corp. by Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte


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