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Back problems

I’ve been having these weird back problems recently.  After I’ve been sitting for awhile in the same position (usually doing homework or something) I have a pain.  When I stand up there’s a kink in my spine.  It hurts so much that I can’t straighten out my back.  But, a small thrust and twist of the hips ‘pops’ it into place and it’s fine.

I’m going to start paying more attention to how I’m sitting and what type of chair I’m sitting in.  It seems to happen when I’ve been sitting in harder chairs without arm rests.  I’m just dreading the day that I can’t straighten it out easily.

Also, I watched the newest episode of ‘House’ the other night.  It was the one with the kid thinking he’s being abducted by aliens.  Either the writers are running out of crazy medical conditions’ or I’m getting better. I solved the case as soon as they showed the double sets of DNA thing.  I didn’t remember the name of the condition, but I got what it was and how it happened.

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