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Rhode Island is Neither a Road nor an Island

The other day I got five credit card offers.  Three of them came from the same company.  So, in True Maddox style, I’m going to send them something back.

In package number one will be a 4.5 lb steel plate.  I got it from a dummy projector at work.  And since it’s heavy, shipping will cost a decent amount.

In package number two, sand.  Usually used for flood dikes, portable basketball hoops, and other things that require anchoring, I’m sure the person on the other end PO Box 15218 in Wilmington DE can find a use for it.  Maybe it will be their start to building a sandbox.

And in package number three will be some coupons and the like.  Maybe, this one should be number one since number three always hides the crazy surprise.

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