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A question for you

If you asked me what kind of ice cream I wanted and I listed “Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookies and Cream, something like that.”  what would be the common characteristic and what kind would you get?


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You don’t have to sue me to get my pants off

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my posting of the e-mail from Comcast.  This leads me to believe that Comcast sends hundreds, if not thousands of these messages out daily.  I’m much less worried about it now.  Is the MPAA/RIAA really tracking this many people?  Will they really sue that many people?  I’m betting not.  I know if I were to get sued I would fight as hard as I could.  I would also never purchase anything from the MPAA/RIAA ever again. 

So my questions are:  Would a lawsuit on copyright infringement (or whatever they sue you for) be considered a felony, or another sort of crime that looks really bad on your record?  If you settle a lawsuit out of court does it go on your record?  What exactly goes on your record, and who has the right to see it?

The other night my headset crapped it pants.  The left earphone stopped working and it went into mono on the right side.  Since it went into mono, it makes me think that the wires are shorting somewhere.  I tried taking it apart but somehow its solid plastic.  I can’t really take enough apart to get to the wires and fix them.  It was a Plantronics 90 and I really liked it, so I bought another Plantronics.  This time the 350.  They make very nice equipment for very good prices. 


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