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That was easy.

I’m now the ERT (Easy Resident Tech) at the Vernon Staples.  I had a meeting today down in Wallingford about it.  It wasn’t anything special, just an overview of what the job is and all the different procedures and things.  There are a lot of procedures but that’s what happens when you work for a large corporation.

It should be interesting.  Sales are already picking up.  I think Colin has been selling them since he’s a selling fiend.

Plus I got paid travel too.  Let’s see, it was 65 miles total and I got $31 cash (yeah, sweet huh?) so that works out to about $0.48 a mile.  I’m willing to go to every meeting if I’m going to get paid and get travel pay.

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Go Demetri!

Looks like my man Demetri Martin is at it again.  He struck a deal with Microsoft to advertise for Vista.  I officially declare Vista decent.

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