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All the small things

The house next door is for sale again.  I think I’ve mentioned that before (It’s the house that the guy killed himself in).  So far I haven’t seen a young couple look at the house.  It’s always older people without kids.  I guess the house doesn’t have heat upstairs, and generally isn’t very new.  (link to info)My dad and I were joking that we should tell everyone that comes to see it how the guy killed himself in it, then nobody would buy it, the price would plummet, we could buy it, then wait a little bit for the value to go up and sell it for a quick profit.
Either way, I hope someone creepy doesn’t move in before like all the owners after Bill died years ago.

The other day I started cleaning my room, since there was shit everywhere.  It took me two days to go through everything.  I threw out so much crap its amazing.  I pretty much got rid of anything that I haven’t touched in 2 years or more.  In total I gained a lot of space and got everything organized and clean.  I also dusted and vacuumed some things.  My room is notorious for collecting dust.
I also hooked up my Dreamcast again.  It was just sitting in my closet, so I figured why not.  Granted, I probably won’t play it for a long time, but it’s still fun now.  I still have the system, 2 memory cards, 4 controllers, and a folder full of games.  Dreamcast was great because you could download games and burn them on to a regular CD.  I only wish that online gameplay still worked.  That would make the games so much better.
I also have a bunch of stuff to sell and a shitload of textbooks. I never really sold any textbooks back to school, so I have a lot.  I’m going to give some of them to the robotics team, and the rest are getting sold.  I also have some other stuff I’m selling including:  40 comic books, a TI-80 calculator, an assortment of old video games, a Sony Clie SJ22, and my Mini-itx motherboard with a 15gb hard drive, slim DVD drive, and 180 watt power supply.  I figured the PC stuff is better to keep together so it can get someone else started with building their own PC.  Also, I’m not really sure of any of the comic books are worth anything, so I hope some people get into a bidding war over those.  I’m also still unsure of whether I should keep all my old sports cards.  I have a pretty good collection of cards, some worth upwards of $40 each.  But that’s if I can find someone to buy it for that much.  Maybe I’ll price some of them out and see what ones could be worth selling.

I think I figured out why I always leave things out and never put them around.  I think I’ve done it to remind myself.  Since I have a shitty memory I try to leave myself hints and reminders to do things.  If I put something away where it’s not in plain vision anymore than I won’t remember it again until way later.  For instance, I always leave my credit cards bills in the middle of the counter where they get in the way.  I also leave my books and schoolwork out so that I remember how to do it.

I’ll also be the Tech guy later this summer for Staples.  A big part of the store is getting redone including a full tech service center.  They’re going to offer full PC repair services like the Geek Squad or things like that, and I’m going to be the full time guy.  How sweet is that?  I hope they get flooded with repairs and I can just work in the back on my own stuff. 


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