Dream dream dream

This may seem a little weird. This dream is focused around robots, but not FIRST robots, killer robots.
Let’s try to set this up as best I can. I’m on a spaceship of some sort. I’m the captain of the ship. My crew is people I know in real life, but I can’t remember who they are. The only person I remember is Chad, my second in command. Anyway, we’re fighting crime or something. All of a sudden Dr Doom. (the guy from the comics) comes into play. He’s controlling all these robots. The robots start attacking us, and absolutely crushing us. After some fighting, the robots kill everyone but me and Chad. We decide that the only way to get away is to run.
The hard part is getting away from the robots because they’re all networked together. Once one of them knows what you look like, they all know. Chad and I go flying back to the main planet to warn everyone else about these robots.
When we get there, it’s night time. On the main planet they keep all robots on island off the coast. It was safe because the robot couldn’t cross the water or they would get wet and short out. Seems pretty logical. As Chad and I are flying in, we can see these big dark streaks in the water from the islands to the main land. As we get closer we can see that the robots can now float and are crossing to the main land.
We land our ship near the robots in the water for some reason. We have to swim to the main land to warn everyone else. As we’re swimming, we get spotted by the robots and they start attacking us again. They get Chad and drown him in the water, but I manage to lose them and find a safe abandoned room for the night. When I get in there I curl up in the corner and try to sleep and figure out what I’m going to do. while I’m trying to go to sleep, one of those water dinosaurs breaks through the window and tries to attack me. It’s neck wasn’t long enough to be able to reach me and it gives up and leaves.

I wake up the next morning and walk into town. Everyone is going about their business like nothing happened. Some how I figure out that the robots are in some peoples brains. Just like before one of them spots me and starts coming after me. Since one has seen me, they all know what I look like now. When they see me they instantly know who I am and start coming after me. One of them grabs me and I hit him in the face. That stopped him dead in his tracks. When you hit them they stop because they don’t want to start a scene. Not everyone has a robot in their brain, only about a quarter of the people. So if they start fighting all the normal people will notice and their plan will be foiled.
Now I’m running down the street with all these robot people chasing me and more trying to stop me. As I pass them I slap them in the face. Slapping seemed to be the most effective and the least harsh on my hands. I run into a gym and there are a few people playing basketball. One of them is Chad.
I saw him drown, so I know he’s a robot. I say something like “Not you Chad.” and slap him in the face. I’m now in a gym with almost a hundred robot people trying to get me. I get them all to stop by slapping them in the face. Now I have a ton of people standing in this gym not moving. I start trying to talk to the real people and get past the robot that’s controlling their brain.
I’m walking around this gym lecturing a bunch of people and slapping the ones that start moving. That’s when I woke up.

That is all…


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