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Wake up sleepy head

“That’s for rolling up the window when I tried to jump into the General Lee!”

Am I the only person who has trouble typing a capital I and an l? My fingers don’t respond to my brain.

I had something that I wanted to mention in here, but I remembered right before I fell asleep the other night. Along with all the other genius ideas I’ve come up with lying in bed, I forgot what it was.
Yesterday I had to work, which would be normal, if I didn’t have the opportunity to go play paintball. Other than the normal disappointment, I was especially annoyed when we had at least three people working all day. For those of you who don’t know, three people is alot for our store. If I had known that we had that many people on, I would have called out and not felt bad at all. Instead I was stuck not playing paintball and instead helping idiots with computer related things.

I’m looking for a few programs or services to help me out. First, does anyone know of a program that will automatically create playlists from a set of rules? I want one similar to what iTunes does with their smart playlists, but not in iTunes. I want to create a playlist of the 10 or 15 newest files in a given directory.
Second, is there a service that will allow me to upload pictures from my cell phone directly into a public online album?

That is all…

[Listening to: Joseph Campagna – Acappella U Ep. 5 (46:43)]

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