I wish Turkey only cost a Nickel

Nana and Aunt Jen were supposed to come up to our house today for ‘the meal.’ But, I was awoken by my father and told that we were driving down to her house because of the snow.
Initially I thought ‘what store did she find that was open to pick up a turkey?’ and ‘what are we gonna do with our turkey?’ Stupid me. She didn’t find any stores open and the Camry now smells like turkey.
After driving down to her place, it kind of seemed unnecessary. There wasn’t any snow or ice on the road and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. Kind of a waste of a trip if you ask me. Especially since we had to bring diner with us.
Since we originally planned on them coming here, everything was already being prepared. So, when plans got changed, we had to pack everything with us to bring.

Well, I have to get up balls early tomorrow so I can some flash drives.


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