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Oops I forgot

Well, I kind of forgot about his blog for a week or so. I’ve been kind of busy with school and work and robotics and FLL and me being lazy.
First, Happy belated Ogre Day. Yesterday was the first bimonthly Ogre Day. I also came up with the official celebratory phrase, OHPA! The same OHPA that the Greeks yell. It’s a good word.

I used to use iPodderX to get all my podcasts and things, but it started giving me trouble. I had to switch to iTunes because I couldn’t find anything else that was decent, until the other day. Juice Reciever seems to be awesome. It only downloads the files. It then uses winamp to play them. So now I don’t have to have a huge, bloated media player (iTunes) or a huge feed reader (iPodderX) for my podcasts. Yeah, it’s two separate programs but they run smoother than either of the other two.

Robotics has been going well, and I actually feel like I’m teaching these kids something. the problem is gonna come in January when robotics starts going crazy, I have school, and work. I think that robotics takes priority over work. I have to talk to the manager and see what kind of schedule we can work out for the first few months of next year. We’ll see.

I have some entries that I have to write for my pysc class. I’m going to post them here first, before I finish them up and hand them in. I’ll explain it more when I post the first one, hopefully tonight.


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